Inverter based TIG or GTAW welding machine
We offer a wide range of MMAW/TIG/Pulse TIG Welding machines. These machines are compact light weight and power saving. IGBT Technology is used for better performance and life. All the protections like over load, over voltage, under voltage, over heat, over current, short circuiting of output terminals, are provided for long lasting performance. These are totally indigenous machines which give unmatched welding quality and features. All the features like hot start, pre-flow, post-flow of gas, up slope, down slope, 2T-4T soft start, peak and base time for pulse current, pre-setting Amp. Meter are provided. Due to these features any kind of welding job is become easy. The built-in H.F. Unit is provided in the machine for easy Arc striking. These machines have a power factor and efficiency over 90%.

The models available are 160 amps and 200 amps. In Single phase, 300, 400, 500 and 600 Amp in three phase.
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Inverter Based Welding and Cutting Machine
Diode Based Welding & Cutting Machine
Resistance Welding Machine
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