MIG/MAG CO2 Welding Machine

MIG/MAG welding means Metal Inert Gas OR Metal Active gas welding. Argon gas is used as an inert gas and CO2 is used as an active gas. This M/C is also known as CO2 welding M/C.

It consists of constant voltage type D.C. power source, wire feeder MIG Torch and gas regulator flow meter. Gas pre-heater is used in case of MAG welding. P.M.D.C. Motor is used at its best to feed the wire to the torch.

This machine is used for production job like Automobile Industries, Furniture job, Sheet metal job etc. This is economical when compared to ARC Welding with electrodes. Post operation is minimum in this process. Welding speed is high compare to other process.
Models available are 250 Amp, 400 Amp and 600 Amp.

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