TIG Welding Machine

TIG Welding means Tungsten Inert Gas Welding. It consist of a power source (DC rectifier, Inverter or High Voltage transformer in AC TIG) High Frequency Unit, TIG Welding torch and Gas Regulator with flow meter. In this process, Argon gas is used as an Inert Gas for shielding purpose. Negative terminal of power source is connected to the TIG torch and positive terminal to the job through H.F. unit. Non consumable Tungsten rode is provided in the torch head. The arc is generated between Tungsten rode and the job. H.F. unit is used for contactless Arc Starting. Gas is controlled by the solenoid valve. In AC TIG Welding D.C. suppressor unit is provided.   TIG welding is used for radiographic and precision jobs like pressure vessels, reactors, filtration plants, process equipments etc.

  Product Range
Inverter Based Welding and Cutting Machine
Diode Based Welding & Cutting Machine
Resistance Welding Machine
Welding automations and Special Purpose Machines